The Best Penis Plug Sizes for Beginners

Meta description: It’s very difficult to determine the size of the best penis plug for a beginner user, as there are many factors one has to take into consideration. Nevertheless, there are some guidelines that could help you decide on the right size and ensure both your comfort and safety.

When it comes to penis plugs and urethral toys, beginners usually wonder with which size they should start experimenting. However, it’s very difficult to determine the size of the best penis plug for a beginner user, as there are many factors one has to take into consideration.

Nevertheless, there are some guidelines that could help you decide on the right size and ensure both your comfort and safety.

Beginner-friendly penis plug sizes

Now, you first need to understand that the size of the penis plug could mean a variety of things. Furthermore, the safety guidelines are sometimes quite counterintuitive when you first try to use them to determine the size. Thus, if you want to ensure that you are delving into urethral stimulation as safely as possible, you first need to learn everything there is to know about urethral play.

Of course, gigantic penis plugs will certainly intimidate some beginners at first. After all, having something that big inside you might lead to genuine discomfort, especially if it’s your first time. However, there are less intimidating and way smaller penis plugs and urethral toys.

But you’ll first have to understand what “size” actually means when it comes to these and what it may refer to.


All the different meanings of “size”


The name itself says that this is the total length of the urethral toy or penis plug. There are many varieties you could choose from here, as some of these are meant to be long enough to provide you with deep stimulation. However, others, especially some small penis plugs, are very short.


Of course, each one of these toys may come with a different diameter. You’ll encounter both thin and thick ones on the market. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, if you are a beginner user, you ought to avoid those that are too thin.

But that’s not everything you need to pay attention to when picking out the best penis plug. You should also take note of the material and smoothness, as well as additional features the plug may offer. These all play a vital role when it comes to deciding if it’s the best penis plug or toy for you.

More often than not, penis plugs that are smooth and come with a somewhat pointed, untextured tip are usually the best ones. Most people also refer to them as the “classic” penis plugs. However, there are many designs to choose from, and a great variety of them is excellent for beginners.

Therefore, before going shopping for the best penis plug for yourself, pay attention to the guidelines found below. Moreover, make sure that you pick the right size and use enough lube, just to ensure your safety. That way, you’ll have a fantastic time stimulating your urethra.

Let’s talk about the length

In general, the longer your toy is, the deeper you can place it in. However, if you are a beginner, there’s a good chance you will not like that at all. Furthermore, it’s also good to know that you shouldn’t experiment too much until you get some experience. Of course, if you’re intrigued, go for it, but make sure you’re always safe.

A good way to prepare yourself for some sensual experimenting is to stretch your urethra. You need to train it to take in the variously sized toys before you move on to the more demanding ones.

That’s why you should first opt for a short plug if you’re just a beginner. Newbies are the ones who will love these tiny penis plugs, as they won’t go too deep and are not too intimidating.

Still, you should know that just because you have a long penis plug, it doesn’t mean you have to insert it all the way in. You can just use the first couple of inches and start from there. After some time, you’ll be able to insert it further without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Going too fast with too long of a penis plug is just a recipe for disaster. Thus, make sure you’re taking your time and training your urethra to take more inches until you’re able to fit it all in there.

What about the thickness?

Apart from the length, you also need to make sure your penis plug is not too thick for your urethra. Trying to jam it in without properly stretching out your urethra beforehand will only lead to injuries and pain. What’s more, most beginners find overly thick toys too intimidating — and rightfully so.

Fortunately, you may pick some of the less demanding toys that don’t require you to have a stretched urethra. In fact, such toys are usually thin and comfortable, which makes them perfect for newbies.

When a sex toy is too thin

But even though thickness may be an issue, what you really want to avoid is having a toy that’s way too thin for you. This especially goes for beginners.

The main reason why you ought to avoid these toys is the fact that they can easily slip inside you if they’re too thin. Moreover, they can sometimes be quite sharp and hard to control, which may cause you even more problems. You can injure yourself and create false passages, ultimately ending up in the ER.

Therefore, it’s better to pick a semi-thick toy than a really thin one, no matter how tempting it may seem. Very thin toys are actually meant for users who have had their fair share of urethral stimulation and who know how to handle these toys.

The perfect size for beginners

In order to determine the right size, you should just refer to the size of your urethra. Your urethral toy should be the same size, not too thin and not too thick.

Similarly, penis plugs shouldn’t be too thick or too thin either. Luckily, most of the designs are made with beginners in mind, so they shouldn’t cause you any issues. Moreover, the classic shape is perfectly safe and comfortable, which will make the start of your urethral stimulation journey that much more enjoyable.





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