Top 5 Best Prostate Massagers


Meta: If you would like to experience orgasms that are two times, three times, or even up to five times more intense than your regular ones, you should consider using prostate massagers. Below, you will find a list of top five prostate massagers on the market, as well as their features.

If you would like to experience orgasms that are two times, three times, or even up to five times more intense than your regular ones, you should consider using prostate massagers. These devices will reveal a whole new world of pleasure and make you feel incredible.

Below, you will find a list of five best prostate massagers on the market, as well as their features.


1. Lelo Hugo

Lelo_hugo_High_quality_prostate_massage_deviceLelo Hugo is many people’s favorite; the experienced ones love it the most. Truth be told, its technical characteristics and high-quality materials make it a sound choice indeed. You can use it as a training tool and increase the strength of your orgasms by 33%. Also, you can control the device by using a remote, which is another great option.

Since it’s made of ultra-soft, skin-friendly silicone materials, Lelo Hugo is 100% waterproof and safe for use. That means that you can use it while showering or swimming and enjoy the vibrations without worrying about anything.

Its design is flexible, which will allow you to adjust it according to your needs and enjoy it to the fullest. Plus, you can be sure that it will remain firmly in the position you put it in. Once it starts stimulating your prostate, the fun can begin!

Lelo Hugo comes with three vibration motors, and it can stimulate three points of contact at the same time — penis, anus, and perineum.


2. Nexus Revo 2

Nexus_Revo_2_incredible_prostate_orgasmsWith three modes of vibrations, Nexus Revo 2 will help you reach incredible prostate orgasms even before you ejaculate. Its independently rotating head will hit your P-spot in the best way possible. Moreover, you can play with it for more than four hours once it has been fully charged. Also, it only takes two hours to recharge it, which is amazing.

Apart from making your erections stronger, improving your blood circulation, and giving you incredible orgasms, Nexus Revo 2 will also reduce the risk of prostatitis.

This prostate massager comes equipped with two powerful vibration motors: one in the base and one in the tip for targeted pleasure. There are also multi-speed patterns; all you need to do is adjust them to your needs and enjoy.


3. Helix Syn

easy_to_use_Helix_Syn_prostate_massagerThanks to its anatomical design, Helix Syn fits everyone perfectly and hits all the right spots! Keeping it clean is simple; all you need to do is wash it with soap and warm water, and use some sanitizer. The experienced ones love using it but beginners should be patient with it, as it takes some time to master the skill of using this incredible device.

If you are experiencing anal play for the first time, you should know that practice makes perfect. You need to be patient and gentle with yourself. Once you get a hold of how everything functions, you will start having fun. Also, once you experience the wow effects this device has to offer, you won’t be able to forget how great they felt!


4. Je Joue Nuo

App_controlled_prostate_massagerJe Joue Nuo is the first dual-motor butt plug in the world! Apart from providing mind-blowing vibrations, the device lets you control it remotely, which makes it a perfect tool for intensifying pleasure during foreplay. On top of that, it is waterproof and easy to maintain. Use it with water-based lubricants, and wash it with some soap and warm water after each use.

Je Joue Nuo has seven vibration modes that you or your partner can control even at a distance, which adds more fun to the game. Its ergonomic shape makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate and perineum at the same time.

It is small but very effective. You can carry it with yourself wherever you go. The part that is supposed to be inserted is perfectly sized for both beginners and more advanced players. Add some lube, and let the fun begin.


5. L’Amourose Rosa

L’Amourose_Rosa_Porstate_Massager_With_9 Vibrating_FunctionL’Amourose Rosa is a universally-sized prostate massager that fits everyone! If you are new to anal play and you don’t know which massager to pick, you can’t go wrong with this model. Apart from working wonders back there, it is noiseless and waterproof too; you can warm it up with hot water before you start playing.

This smooth prostate massager will stay perfectly in place and let you experience breathtaking prostate orgasms by stimulating your P-spot in the best way possible. Get yours today and discover a whole new world of pleasure!


Take Your Time

Before you choose the best prostate massager for yourself, make sure that you’ve done your research and compared the models that you like. Pick the shape, material, and the price that works for you. It’s best to get one that has a thicker end, which will prevent it from getting lost inside your rectum.

Also, in order to avoid pain, mishap, or injury during anal play, be patient and use enough lube. Remember to always wash your prostate massagers after each use too.

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